Egowall 2.2 is Live

The latest release of Egowall is now live


As discussed here on the blog back in June,
the primary focus for Egowall 2.2 was improving the game performance,
particularly on lower- to mid-range computers. At the same time, we are always
striving to improve the game experience for all of our customers. 

Here is what’s new in Egowall 2.2:

  • An updated landing page at 
  • A new “How to Play” demo video to help users learn how
    to play the game; the video is available after logging in to Egowall
  • Improvements in game response time and user experience through the
    introduction of polished and improved game assets
  • Better game performance and a smaller memory footprint through improved
    memory management techniques
  • Changed the dynamic assets and collision system to allow better
    interaction with and manipulation of the game environment; the new system
    allows objects to fall and rest against each other more realistically, allowing
    users to more creatively arrange objects in their homes
  • Introduced furnishings and decorations with various levels of
    detail (LOD) to provide users with high-end graphics cards an improved
    experience without impacting system performance for those with standard
    graphics cards. Learn more here:
  • Optimized all web pages to improve performance
  • Resolved several bugs

If you’re not already a member, please sign
up for an Egowall account at http://www.egowall.comand get ready to share The Real You™.

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