Do You Need Another Social Networking Site?

Check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can do with Egowall. Then sign up for a free account and start using it to be The Real You™.

Even though you might be a member of several social networking sites, there are good reasons to create an account on Egowall, where your achievements and memories represent The Real You™ to your friends, family, and colleagues.

According to the Pew Internet Project’s research related to social networking, 67% of online adults use social networking sites.

Licensed from Zigomitros Athanasios under the    C  reative Commons  Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported  license.

Licensed from Zigomitros Athanasios under the 

Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

If you’re part of that group, you probably have a Facebook account. You may also be on Twitter or Google+.  There might even be an old MySpace account out there with your name on it.

In fact, there are hundreds of social networking sites, defining who we are and how we live and communicate.

Most of them focus on the here and now, with little attention paid to competently documenting the lives and accomplishments of their users.

You may be familiar with the term “ego wall,” which refers to a wall covered with such items as diplomas, certificates, and other tokens of academic achievement. This outward display mirrors and reinforces the owner’s perception of self, or ego.

Most people have hundreds – if not thousands – of photos and personal records which tell the story of their lives. Much of this information is seldom accessed or seen because there is no simple or easy way to display or share it. 

Enter Egowall, a new social networking platform which focuses on the portrayal of people using real objects – including their achievements and memorabilia – to create a more comprehensive personal identity online.

Currently in private beta, Egowall lets you share those things that make up The Real You™ with family, friends, and professional colleagues in a virtual 3D environment.

We invite you to learn more about Egowall by visiting our website and signing up for a free account. 

Then you too will be able to share your own perception of self, or ego, with the world.

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